Full week pass

All passes include basic board: food (260 €, breakfast buffet, lunch and three-course dinner) and barn accommodation (115 €, a single hotel bed – not bunk bed – in the mass dormitory in the refurbished barn adjacent to the castle). Additional fees apply if you upgrade your accommodation (see below)
WiFi Internet for the whole duration of the camp is included for free.
If you register for the Master Classes, there is an additional fee of 50 €.

Example costs (entire week; basic accommodation; non-masters track)   
Party pass (7 nights, including 6 hours of taster classes) 630 €
Full pass with a partner (as above plus 18 hours of daytime classes) 745 €
Full pass without a partner: 770 €

Please note that we can’t offer camping and there are no kitchens for you to prepare your own meals, nor is there a supermarket nearby. This is why all passes include basic board (food and barn accommodation; roughly 60€ per day).


Accommodation can be upgraded as follows: Add
Dorm bed *in* the castle 80 €
3-4 person bedroom in the castle (may involve sleeping in a double bed) 110 €
2 person bedroom with shared bathroom in the residence (7 nights) 150 €
2 person bedroom with private bathroom in the guesthouse (7 nights) 180 €
Shuttle bus (Berlin):  
Bus from / to Berlin (one way) 30 €
Shuttle from / to Halle (one way) 10 €

Only one accommodation type can be selected for the whole week – you cannot spend half the week in the barn and the other half in the Castle, for example.

Weekend Pass

Weekend Pass registration is open already. The pass is for three nights (arriving Thursday, departing Sunday after class). You will stay in the castle (barn accommodation is sold out). Subject to availability, weekend accommodation can also be upgraded and – rather than crying into your pillow when you have to leave – you can ask about staying extra nights at check-in. 

Costs (Weekend; basic accommodation; non-masters track)   
Party pass (3 nights, including 3 hours of taster classes) 345 €
Full pass (as above plus 9 hours of daytime classes) 415 €