Can I just come for the weekend to social dance?
No. We are only offering a weekend party pass for the Swing Castle Camp, so after the Balboa Castle camp.

Can I come only to the social dances in the evening?
If you just want to come to the evening dances we will be offering a limited amount of week-long evening classes only passes.

Can I book only part of the camp classes (e.g. the weekend)?
No. There will be no weekend option.

Can I just come for one social dance?
Nope. This has logistical and regulatory reasons, so we don’t allow this, sorry!

Which airport should I fly into?
If you want to come via Berlin, you can choose either of the Berlin Airports. Check the “Travel” section of our website for information about the shuttle bus from Berlin to Beesenstedt. Another option is to fly into Leipzig Airport, take the train from the airport to Halle and get picked up by our little shuttle from there.

Is there any camping?
Sadly we can’t offer camping at this point in time, as the area next to the castle is not available anymore.

Are there other hotels in the area?
Yes, you might find other places for accommodation in the neighboring villages. Find and contact them on your own. You will require a car or bike to get to these places. We don’t have any bikes to rent.

Will there be auditions for the different levels?
No. You will be placed in levels based on your questionnaire answers.

How do I find someone I can sign up with?
You can connect with people who want to come to this camp through our facebook page or through the facebook event page itself.

What’s the weather going to be like?
The weather is always perfect in Beesenstedt at this time of year. Bring swimming attire for the “pool”. Bring a warm sweater and a jacket for a chilly night out in the crows nest.

What about the Sauna?
Yup, there is a sauna!

What is there to do in my spare time?
Be creative, think of something that will surprise someone else or yourself. You can also explore the Castle (it holds many secrets) and its surroundings, i.e. by taking a walk towards the village of Kloschwitz down an enchanted little valley. Or take a dip in the “pool” located in the courtyard of the castle. And then, there is always the sauna…

Is there a bar in the Castle?
Yes there is a fully equipped bar. We are running the bar ourselves 22/7 (we need two hours to clean).

There is a bank with a cash machine in Beesenstedt. If, for any reason, you still need to make a payment to us, we only accept cash.

Can I bring my dog?
Nope! No dogs in the castle.

Is there internet?
Yes, we’ll have complimentary Wifi internet access that reaches some but not all areas of the castle.

Can I smoke?
You can always go outside to the balconies before 10pm and this year we will have a small smoker’s lounge to make sure the bar and dance floor is kept smoke free 24/7. But make sure to stack enough cigarettes as we don’t sell them and we’re not even sure what kinds of cigarettes (if any) you can find in the village.