Helping out at the camp

We want YOU!
We’re looking for baristas, screen-printers, bar tenders, talented decorators, folks with muscles, etc! We welcome everyone who wants to be more involved and help run the camp. We especially encourage MEN to volunteer (we think they don’t do it enough!). In addition to volunteers, we will have expert bar staff at the camp to help run the bar during the parties (from 9pm until the end of the party).

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What’s so good about volunteering?

“It’s a great opportunity to meet new people from the balboa family. It creates a feeling of community, and it is important work, because without volunteers it would be hard to keep this event running the way it is running. You belong to a group of people that creates the atmosphere of the whole place, and that is just super nice. Plus, you might even learn new skills (like tapping beer and making coffee)!”

—Anna B. (volunteer in 2018)

We’ll cover group transport from/to Halle. Volunteers get free entry to the parties, unlimited espresso and limited drinks at the bar, and an equal share of tips PLUS new friends, the widespread admiration of other dancers, and the deep appreciation of the organising team 🙂
You also have the option of sharing a room with other volunteers, depending on what type of accommodation you choose when you register.

What kinds of tasks can volunteers help with? Here are some examples:

  • carrying boxes & restocking the bar
  • making & serving drinks at the bar
  • moving furniture
  • making coffee on the espresso machine
  • collecting glasses, cups, bowls, plates
  • removing glass & recycling, emptying rubbish, etc.
  • decorating for the parties
  • helping the judges with the competitions
  • helping serve food at lunch & dinner
  • cleaning wax off the candle holders…!
  • screenprinting t-shirts
  • and lots more!

For more information and detail on volunteering, either add a note with your registration or email us:

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