Sanna & Adam

Sanna and Adam have been dancing and teaching swing together for over a decade. During this time, they have become well known for the joy and skill that they bring to the social dance floor. Mostly partial to Balboa Mix & Match competitions, they have taken numerous titles individually at events such as The Snowball and Balboa Castle Camp, as well as placing in various events in Europe and the US during the past several years.

In the classroom, they emphasize a solid mix of technique and playfulness resulting in a dynamic and personalized approach to musicality and movement that is accessible to all dancers. They very successfully taught the first ever Leading for Follows Track held right here at Balboa Castle Camp. They have been a pleasure to have around every year since the very first Balboa Castle Camp in 2011 and we can’t wait to see them rocking the social floor again this year.

Jo & Mel

Mel and Jo are dance enthusiasts who dedicate their time to encourage swing dancing in the United Kingdom. Being familiar with lindy hop and blues, their current passion is mastering Balboa and Bal-swing – a journey of continuous learning. They started salsa dancing in Singapore and after moving to the United Kingdom in 2000 began their journey in swing dancing. After dancing lindy hop, charleston and blues for several years they then fell in love with Balboa and became dedicated to learning this dance from 2008. However, they still love and continue dancing all styles to this day. Jo has been athletic since she was a teenager and currently holds a brown belt in Xen-Do Martial Arts. Mel, who also accomplished medals in various sports, was a break-dancer and a DJ in his younger years. 

From this personal experience, they apply the techniques of physical motion to help them understand and master the nature of dance movement. Currently, you can find them social dancing and competing at various events across Europe and the United States. They also teach Balboa/Bal-swing and facilitate pilot sessions throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. Their “down-to-earth” and positive attitude helps to make the classes they teach not only informative but also very enjoyable. Mel still continues his love for music as a DJ and Emcee at major events across Europe and the United States. Their aspirations to be balboa ambassadors stems from their drive to continuously learn and share the passion and knowledge of dance to enthusiasts alike.

Masha & Mickey
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Masha Krohina is the headliner of Balboa in Russia. A finalist and winner of numerous Russian and international competitions, she has been teaching regular classes in Moscow since March 2007, while constantly conducting workshops all over Russia and teaching with her regular partner (Alexey Gudovich) at swing dance camps in Moscow, Minsk, Kiev, St-Petersburg. She has taught classes during balboa weekends and exchanges in Switzerland, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Prague, Ghent, at Rock That Swing Festival, Paris Balboa Shag Festival and – of course – Balboa Castle Camp with a variety of teaching partners.

As everybody knows Mickey is the superhero of the planet Balboa. He began swing dancing in Los Angeles in 1999. Dancing, teaching and competing all over the world with different teaching partners for many years, he has developed and showed true innovation and showmanship, combined with a broad knowledge of dance history and theory. Recently he successfully launched a new art project, supported by dancers from all over the world: a comic book about the life of his grandfather in the times of world war II – 1 MORE HERO.

Valerie & Jacob

One of America’s busiest Lindy and Balboa teachers, Valerie has a reputation for her finesse on the dance floor. She emphasizes musicality and connection regardless of the style of swing. Valerie is enthusiastic about passing on her love and passion for dance and she brings a fresh, interesting, and lighthearted attitude to both the dance floor and the classroom. Valerie teaches all over the United States, Canada and Europe and runs a dance studio in her hometown of Cleveland, OH.

Jacob is famous for his fast Pure Balboa footwork and his large repertoire of unique spins and turns when he’s in the spotlight. As a teacher he enjoys using a mix of humorous (in both his and our opinion!) analogies and serious instruction to create a fun and exciting learning environment.

Ines & Anna

Anna & Ines in Graz, May 2019; photo: Grega T. Bohinc Photography

Ines and Anna’s principal goal in class is to empower follows to dance (instead of follow only). Their second goal is to make them learn how to lead. In their classes back home in Berlin everybody leads and follows no matter the gender – and that changes the whole story: Together they enable Follows to bring as many ideas into the dance as they come up with – and the much more relaxed Leaders to be able to follow and build up on them.

Anna & Ines want to offer reliable technique for joyful social dancing. Instead of teaching moves they suggest concepts of movements and how those could be altered according to the music – and personal taste: They strive to make their students trust in their own bodies’ ideas and enable them to pursue them instead of censoring. ‘Cause they want to see happy individuals finding and expressing their genuine personalities at the dance floor – right from the start. And that’s why they especially love to teach beginners!