30 August 2019 [Read previous newsletters here .]

DJ Mosquito Hopkins
On Sunday 6 October, for ONE night only, Sir Mosquito will be playing from shellac only, all night, in the ballroom, for your dancing pleasure. As we said last year, his shellac selection, his equalizers and his rhythmical and stylistic aplomb make this night alone worth booking a ticket for the week…

Hot Sugar Band
This high-energy group of swingin’ Parisians will start off our live music for the week, playing TWO nights for us over the weekend! (But we also recommend staying for Professor Cunningham during the week.) Here’s a link to the band’s homepage. And here’s Live Music page on the BCC website.

Hiphop basement party
As you know, at the castle we are allergic to anything boring and conventional. Luckily we will have extra strong protection against that. Assisted by Kira, Tycho (founder of Balboa Castle Camp) will be returning to offer evening taster classes in biphop on Friday and Saturday with a hiphop basement party on Saturday.

Want to come just for the Motto Party? Ok! 
Since it’s the very last ever BCC, we decided that everybody should come to the final party! All you people who can’t make it through the week, you can just come for the last ever night of this balboa heaven on earth.
Price: 90 EUR (= dinner + party + barn bed + breakfast). 
Please send an email to with the subject heading “I want to come to the Motto Party!” We cannot help you get to the castle – you’ll have to organise that yourself. But you can book a seat on the shuttle to Halle the next morning (scroll down for details).

The motto/theme for the party is “Strictly Ballroom” – based on the 1992 film by Baz Luhrmann (here’s the wiki page > Strictly Ballroom). Think: fake diamonds, fake tan, fake teeth-whitener, pastel colours, feathers, glitter, and …unconventional dance steps creating a small-town *drama*. Love will be in the air… (check out the Motto Party page on the website for inspiration, clips and pics).

Motto Party planning
Want to be involved? We welcome people with inspiration and ideas for decorations, activities and party atmosphere! Contact

Camp Schedule
The camp schedule is now up on the website here .

Shuttle bus – Halle
The shuttle between Halle and Beesenstedt for €10 per person per one-way trip. The journey takes around 45 minutes. Reservations essential! To reserve a seat, email and clearly state which of the following shuttles you wish to travel on. 
Thursday 3 October: departs Halle main station at 19:00
Sunday 8 October: departs the castle at (A) 11:30 and (B) 17:45 
Thursday 10 October: departs the castle at 11:00.
Here’s the link to the travel section of the website.

Workshop spaces
Don’t miss out on getting the last few places in all workshop tracks. (There are currently seven single-follow places available in the Standard Balboa track.)

That’s it for now!

Looking forward to seeing you at the castle.
Love from Malte, Ulrike, Anna & Kate


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