Motto Party

Strictly Ballroom!

Pull out your feather dresses, tuxedos, sequins & diamontes! Bleach those teeth, stiffen those smiles, throw peroxide on that hair and spray on your fake tan! It’s time for a kitschy, glittery ballroom extravaganza.

It’s the film that launched Baz Luhrmann’s career as a master-purveyor of camp, glam overthetop bling, combined with deeply humanist, tragicomic narratives celebrating all dorks, freaks and stigmatized folks just trying to live their best bedazzled life on the dance floor!

Here are some of our favourite clips (but we recommend watching the whole thing):

  • the famous ‘Samba sacrilege’ scene:

  • …and high tension at Kendall’s dance school the next day…

And here are some pictures to inspire you!