Motto Party

Kid’s birthday!

We will all celebrate our 7th birthday which happens to be at the same night for everybody – the last night of the camp! We will start the big party with a kids approved dinner and will get younger each hour from that moment on.
We will play all the funny old games and no one has to behave (pot hitting, sack race, chocolate eating, musical chairs and whatever we will come up with – or whatever you remember and let us know while registering…)
You can fall in love, be nasty, loud, wild or egoistic and not give a damn about hiding it. Your inner child will be as happy as it can be – because the whole party is happening just because of YOU. It’s your birthday after all – and everybody knows that!
And it’s a dream come true anyway: we have a whole castle without grown ups to prevent us from having fun…

Here’s some inspirational pictures – please feel very free: You are turning 7 and you can wear what you want!