Live band #1: Professor Cunningham and His Old School (New York)

Yes, we heard you – and we will finally bring you a real swingin’ swing band this year…
We chose the winner of countless international Swing band competitions (such as the World Jam, Madrid and Harlem, Vilnius):  Professor Cunningham and His Oldschool!
They come as a quintet and play the ballroom 3 nights in a row for you lucky dancers…

Live band #2: The Roamin’ Jasmine (New Orleans) 

But we will also keep bringing you new bands that you might not hear at any other festival. Our choice this year: Taylor Smith and the Roamin’ Jasmine!
We predict them to not only completely rock the B floor 2 nights in a row with their exciting mix of 1920’s country blues, 1950’s New Orleans R&B, vintage Calypso from Trinidad, 1930’s swing, 1950’s Country tunes as well as stunning original songs (!) – but also to become Europes new darlings in no time…

“The Roamin’ Jasmine play Jazz, Ragtime and blues in their own highly listenable style that echoes the rootsy jazz of New Orleans with a mix of guitar, double bass, trombone, sax and sometimes clarinet. They are highly skilled, play with real feeling and have a vocalist whose youthful persona is at odds with his incredibly raw, expressive style and they are definitely a band to watch out for.”


Main DJ: Superheidi

Let’s keep it short & sweet: I’m here for all your swingin’ pleasure, to make you sweat, put that happy grin on your face and not allowing your feet a rest. If you heard my tunes at my stompin ground in the Netherlands or elsewhere (like Snowball, Lindy Shock, Herräng, All Balboa Weekend, Berlin/Hamburg/Barcelona Balboa Weekend, Studio Hop Summer Camp, Frim Fram Jam, Smokey Feet, Harbour Hop) you know I’m having all the fun in DJing for balboa, lindy hop and some blues. My music tastes are pretty broad (try me!), but tell you what, the faster tunes of the 1930s are really exciting!


Staff DJs

With the DJs we are striving for the same thing as with the live bands: Besides your well known Balboa DJs that you hear at other major festivals for a good reason, we believe in expanding musical horizons by exposing you to DJs you might not normally hear. We will keep the experiments to the B floor and the early morning hours so that you can have your dose of neat Balboa dancing each night – but we encourage everybody to check out what other forms of music than just Big band swing has to offer to your ears and feet…
If you feel like contributing to that: Please let Heidi know!



Greta started off as a techno-Dj in her hometown Leipzig, Germany – that’s why she can’t leave those equalizers alone. Due to the lack of classic swing music in her local scene, she began dj-ing swing music almost at the same time she took up Lindy Hopping. After moving to France she soon became one of the resident Djs for Lindy Hop, Balboa and Blues in the Studio Hop Toulouse, leading to gigs at Studio Hop Summer Camp, Herräng, Lindy Shock and ESDC among others. Greta loves the late night hours of a dance and will never stop playing music “until there are only two couples left on the dance floor, with one of them making out”. But meanwhile, we aren’t even sure about that…
Greta has been dancing and dj-ing at Balboa Castle Camp since the very first edition in 2011.



A ‘lost daughter’ of the Berlin swing scene, but one of the most active swing DJ’s in Stockholm and a popular house DJ of their renowned Chicago Swing Dance Studio. Since a couple of years back she’s been playing regularly at Herräng Dance Camp, often in charge of musical theme nights tributing various genres and styles within jazz.
Frida discovered jazz in her early teens– way before she even knew the words Lindy hop– a passion that definitely has given color and range to her library and choice of tunes. She’s quite turned off by the snappy potato hits but she can’t get enough of that notorious bebop swing and those magnificent big bands of Harlem prime time.


Andi (aka Mono Michalke)

Born in Hamburg, self-taught artist Andreas Michalke published his first illustrations in the hardcore magazines Trust and Zap in the late 1980s. Playing in a band himself, he combined his two activities by making flyers and posters for other bands…
Andreas Michalke has been collecting records since 1980 and has DJd for 20 years. In the past years particularly for Swing dancers, amongst others at Herräng Dance Camp. He will bring a beautiful collection of 78s to the castle, but he especially likes 45s – those small vinyl records. Just because they leave no space for bullshit: All killer – no filler.


From swing to blues, from Jelly Roll Morton to Tuba Skinny. For several years DJ Chris Wild plays tunes for dancers, always on the lookout for the most danceable songs.
You can find him on various dance floors in and out of his hometown Berlin, where he is considered as one of the most popular Swing DJs.
He loves to play a wide range of music, from the classics to contemporary bands and to the fringe of swing music. His goal is to make dancers to enjoy themselves and the music, play with different styles and attitudes, energy levels and go crazy once in a while.