classes 1There are three tracks to choose from:

* Standard Track
* Masters Track
* ELEF Track – Everybody Leads Everybody Follows

NOTE: There are no classes for absolute balboa beginners!

What’s new in 2019:

*By popular demand, the Masters Track is back! (full description below)

*The ‘Leading for Follows’ track will not run this year; if you are a follow who wants to learn leading, the ELEF track is the best place for you! There will be two levels – one for those with less experience and one for those with more experience both leading and following.

As always there will be 18 full hours of classes with the main teaching team over the whole week. All classes will be taught in English.

Classes take place in the beautiful ballroom and other light-flooded rooms both inside the Castle and in the neighbouring buildings. As the teachers will be staying at the Castle as well, there will be plenty of opportunities to get private lessons for more personal feedback on your dancing. And if that ain’t enough: there will optional evening variety classes by distinguished guest teachers which are open to everyone.

Of course, we know you want to enjoy the late-night parties for as long as possible! Relax – you can sleep all morning: classes will start at noon!

classes 2The Standard Track

The Standard Track will be divided into four levels, based on your feedback from the questionnaire: Intermediate-Advanced, Advanced and Advanced Plus and an invite-only Masters level (see below). There will be no audition for the first three levels. Please be open, honest and humble when selecting your level, and remember that every person can learn something in every class. As always, level distribution depends on who is at the event. We reserve the right to place you in a different level to what you register for, based on our knowledge of you and the combination of other dancers at the camp. If you are unhappy with your level after having taken the first two classes, you can talk to us and the teachers.

The Masters Track

The Masters Track is back! This is an invite-only track. It is aimed at the most experienced and highest-level balboa dancers at the event – these are often people who teach and/or compete internationally (though this is not a prerequisite). With a maximum of about 10 couples, classes will involve a lot of peer-learning. You will be expected to give and receive feedback in a sophisticated, critical and constructive way, and to help create welcoming and diverse atmosphere at the parties. If you register for this track, you will need to submit a video of yourself dancing and this will be assessed by members of the teaching team. Invitations will be sent individually until the class is full. If you are not invited to join the Masters Track, you can of course register for the Advanced Plus class instead (or buy a Party Pass).

The ELEF Track

After several successful years of running the popular Follows Learn to Lead track, we decided it’s time for the Leads to step up! We want to continue that concept but also give the menfolk – who almost never learn to follow – the opportunity to expand your horizons as well with the Everybody Leads Everybody Follows concept. This is how Anna has been teaching her regular classes in Berlin for several years, most recently with Ines. Last year at Bal Harbor there was a chance to try out the concept on an international basis… and it went very, very well!
As we will consistently switch between both roles, you will profoundly deepen your understanding of dynamics and transition from a rather move-oriented approach towards a way of dancing that features partner communication and fluidity of idea exchanges above all. Due to the fact that you will take part in both roles, the basic ambiance of these classes is at the same time more focused (you listen ALL the time) and more pleasant than it often is: you are able to feel first-hand what kinds of problems the other person is dealing with, and this means you can help instead of moaning about the lack of better dance partners. Anna & Ines find that it makes everybody a tiny little bit more humble – and that is when the fun and the friendliness truly begins!
As the name suggests everybody can take part in that class – provided they are able to lead and follow the basics. (If you can’t do it yet: you know what to aim for by October!)

NOTE: There are no classes for absolute balboa beginners! 

If you have been dancing balboa for at least 6 months but not more than 12 months, please sign up for the ELEF Track Beginner/Intermediate level.