What to do in the daytime….

This castle and its surroundings are full of secrets. Take some time to explore and walk around the area. You can even take a beautiful 3km walk down a little valley towards the village of Kloschwitz.
There is also a truly fascinating flea market (Trödelmarkt) which opens twice a week just around the corner from the Castle.
Or you can simply enjoy the sun in the garden and eavesdrop on the practicing musicians. And don’t forget you swimming attire for the pool!

And yes: there is a sauna! You are welcome to use it at any moment at no cost. You can then take a jump into the “pool” in the garden, enjoy a cosy nap on top of the sauna, or walk in your bathrobe straight to the bar for a cold beer.

If that’s not enough, massages are usually offered by participants in the camp, just check the blackboard.